Thursday, 6 August 2009

We wish....

Scans of the wishes from the Wishing Tree...those who shared their wishes want;
  • to get people together
  • make sure everyone feels included
  • fantastic colour, fragrance, good to eat
  • growing flowers & veg to eat will be fantastic for the community, (it) would be great to secure this
  • to create a space that can be shaped by all residents
  • fresh veg grown & cared for by residents, all harvest divided between those involved and a portion donated to the elderly
  • flowers to compliment veg, lavender & marigold to keep greenfly away
  • getting together to sow & grow, eat food
  • make the grounds more beautiful

And the things people thought we will need the following to get the project off the ground;

  • probably will need a c0-ordinator for the project, project manager to drive project forward
  • arrange days for people to work together in the garden
  • set up a watering club for when residents go away on their holidays i.e. a way for our neighbours to help out when we go away in the garden and in our flats

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