Monday, 7 December 2009

Sat 12th Dec 2009 - next Greening Carradale Event

Greening Carradale
in partnership with Bow Arts Trust & Poplar HARCA
live/work scheme
12th December 2009
10am – 11.30am
Burcham Street Community Centre

Come and find out more about the Brownfield Estate garden projects

• Gardening on Carradale tennis courts
• Planting outside of Balfron Tower
We are keen to find out who wants to take the projects forward
and what help you are willing to offer

More bulbs on offer on the day!!

Contact Anna B 07716 734 412 or Anna S 07941 655 856

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

More bulb planting - 17th October 2009 10.30am - 2pm

Thanks to the hard work and group effort at Brabazon Green Greening Carradale was gifted with a large bag full of crocus and daffodil bulbs. We will now be offering to share the love as part of the Poplar HARCA residents' day at Langdon Park School 17th October 2009 10.30am - 2pm

Bow Arts Trust & Poplar HARCA have funded the compost so all you need to do is turn and be ready to get your hand dirty!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Finally our efforts are getting more exposure...

Anna B and Tosia were snapped in the act of bulb planting as part of the Lansbury Gardeners ongoing work to spread all things green and gardening led across the different Poplar HARCA estates. Groundwork was on hand and shared out blubs to help with Greening Carradale's next planned event at the Poplar HARCA residents day 17th Oct 09

More photographic evidence ...

every little helps...;-)


preparing the ground for the bulb planting...

Friday, 4 September 2009

Latest activities - please join us on the 10th Sept 09 bulb planting

Yesterday was all about hard digging and preparing the ground for the bulb planting next Thursday 10th September 2009 10am - 2pm

Please come along and give a helping hand. Nimish from Groundwork, Hackney is keen to forge links with Greening Carradale and may have a few bulbs for us to bring back to the Brownfield Estate! Bring a carrier bag!

Monday, 24 August 2009

What next???

Anna & Anna met tonight to discuss what could be the course of action for the project

We have not heard news about our proposal via English Heritage but we are hopeful

We are looking at arranging a group to walk to visit Cable Street gardens and a bulb planting session with the Lansbury Garden group....

Thursday, 6 August 2009

We wish....

Scans of the wishes from the Wishing Tree...those who shared their wishes want;
  • to get people together
  • make sure everyone feels included
  • fantastic colour, fragrance, good to eat
  • growing flowers & veg to eat will be fantastic for the community, (it) would be great to secure this
  • to create a space that can be shaped by all residents
  • fresh veg grown & cared for by residents, all harvest divided between those involved and a portion donated to the elderly
  • flowers to compliment veg, lavender & marigold to keep greenfly away
  • getting together to sow & grow, eat food
  • make the grounds more beautiful

And the things people thought we will need the following to get the project off the ground;

  • probably will need a c0-ordinator for the project, project manager to drive project forward
  • arrange days for people to work together in the garden
  • set up a watering club for when residents go away on their holidays i.e. a way for our neighbours to help out when we go away in the garden and in our flats

Monday, 3 August 2009

And who could forget the big pile of gorgeous cakes!!

And the amazing feats of face and arm painting lead by the fabulous Mr. Walter of Balfron Tower...

For more pictures check out

The day came and went with stacks of homegrown plants to swap...

We had splendid time of down on Jolly's Green with the largest stack of home made cakes I have seen in a long time, so many hand grown seedlings and plants to swap we could have started our own nursery, as well as John Walter Esq. creating one off expressive face and arm painting, Ashley with eco masks, Anna B with her superb finger knitting and Anna S snapping away in an attempt to record the preceedings.

All in a huge success with 34 people attending over the course of the session 12noon - 3pm

  • 11 live/workers on hand to make the session go well

  • 13 local residents who came along to see what all the goings ons on the green was all about6 children accompanied their parents/carers and some of whom are going to get involved with Anna B's undercover arts project - ssshhhh, watch this space

  • 2 folk came all the way from Bromley i.e. Anna S's Mum & Dad

  • 1 friend of a live/worker's housemate came and get suitably roped in

  • 1 secret gardener who has been leaving a trail of coriander plants across E14....

This figure does not count the selection of random passers by who were curious about what we were up to but a little too timid to come over and get stuck in

Oh well...there is always next time!!

An email message from attendee on the day;

"Dear Both,

thanks for the photos. Lovely!

thanks also for organising such a lovely day. Congratulations - hope you managed to spread the word about the gardening plans.

all best wishes,"

Friday, 31 July 2009

One day to go....

The weather looks like it is holding out for us and we have confirmed:

John Walter creating one off face painting masterpieces!

Ashley Mccormick will be inspiring kids to make masks for guerilla adventures

Anna Bauer will be helping you decorate plant pots

Anna Sexton is creating a wishing tree as part of the consultation for the proposed garden

And of course - there are free plants and cakes

So..........come and get involved!

Monday, 13 July 2009

How does our garden grow?

Please let us know if you want copies of the poster to put around the neighbourhood and if you are able to bring along plants & cakes on 1st August 2009

Contact - Anna. B 07716 734 412 or Anna. S 07941 655 856

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Find Green Carradale at BBC Breathing Places website

Green Carradale and our Greening Carradale event 1st August 2009 is be promoted via

Green Balloon Club Week - nature events for little people!

The BBC are asking family community groups to run nature events as part of Green Balloon Club Week 25th July - 2nd August. The Green Balloon Club is a popular program on CBeebies BBC Children's television every Friday aimed at the 3-7 age group, there is also a Green Balloon Club website. Local events will be promoted on the program and on the website.
Events can be anything from making apple bird feeders to planting seeds but need to be free, safe and suitable for children aged 3-7.

Greening Carradale 1st August your creative and green fingered talents requested ....

Greening Carradale

12 noon to 3pm

Saturday 1st August 2009

Jolly’s Green
Andrew’s Road

Support requested;

· Pot plants to swap and give away to and with local residents
· Gardening tools to help with guerrilla gardening on Jolly’s Green
· Cakes baked and food made to share
· Any face painters out there who want to offer ‘urban jungle’ themed faces for local children
· Any willing folk up for running free nature themed activities for children & young people to
enjoy i.e. a nature themed treasure hunt, drawing inspiration from nature drawing sessions
· Skills swaps i.e. making seed bombs, making bird boxes
· Rent a crowd for the day with support from 10am to set up
· Help bringing a couple of gazebos to and from Bow Arts Trust on Saturday morning and
returned in the afternoon

This event is a way for residents to meet Bow Arts Trust live/workers in an informal environment and take part in free activities as part of Green Balloon Club Week 25th July - 2nd August. Events can be anything from making apple bird feeders to planting seeds but need to be free, safe and suitable for children aged 3-7 and upwards.

Longer term Anna & I have approached Poplar Harca with the plan to develop a temporary garden at the disused Carradale House tennis courts – we will use this event to do consultations about what the garden can look like.

Please reply what you can offer on the day

Thanks – Anna & Anna /